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Common Mistakes of Email Marketing

vertical email markeeting
vertical email markeeting
Many owners of businesses who choose to venture into marketing by email, make the mistake of believing any type of email marketing is beneficial. This simply is not true, there are several mistakes that business owners can make when they organize a campaign of Email Marketing. Examples of these types of errors include:
  • Allow promotional materials confused with spam
  • No follow up on promotional emails
  • Being unprepared for an input from customers after making the effort of Email Marketing and Marketing specifically not to send the target audience (target).
We now start with the email marketing is confused with spam. Spam is a problem which is reaching endemic proportions. Internet users are bombarded with spam every day and around the world.
This can include a host of unsolicited emails which are promoting products or services to recipients who may or may not be interested in purchasing. A critical mistake that businesses owners can make in email marketing is to issue emails probably have been presented as if they were spam.
This can produce emails never be located to the recipient or emails that go straight to the recycle bin without being read by the recipient. Avoid potential danger of entering the spam category is not very difficult. You must ensure that your promotional emails contain more useful content basically, that advertising unusable. This will make it more likely that your emails to be taken seriously.
Another error Email Marketing-and often leads to failure-is the lack of follow-up promotional emails. Send emails to interested parties can be very beneficial, but it is more productive to contact these recipients by other methods such as regular mail or telephone to answer any questions they want to make, because in this way can provide all the information Further they may require. This type of monitoring can be much more effective than just sending an email that will go into the abyss of an inbox cluttered with emails.
The owners of a business may also encounter the error had not been prepared for extra input from customers after making the effort of Email Marketing. The express purpose of email marketing will generate increased interest in your products or services. Therefore, it is critical for business owners, anticipating that increased demand and prepare to stay organized with your products and services.
This is important because potential customers who have to wait for products or services, may leave behind its competitors, who are well trained to immediately provide the products or services that they request.
Finally, another critical mistake made by business owners or business is not to give a special style to a marketing campaign email that is dedicated exclusively to your target audience. This can be a problem, because it will make its marketing less effective email.
Business owners make this mistake, typically because they enter into the trap of believing that it is more important to win a large audience to be limited to a more targeted audience. You can send your item Email marketing blindly to millions of recipients and may only generate a few responses.
However, you could send them marketing materials via email to a smaller group of only a thousand recipients, but you know in advance that all have an interest in their products and services you get with security , more benefits with this list of email distribution less.
Not only is it important to send your message to members of your target audience, but must also adapt its message to suit this special age. Creating an e-mail message that appeals to a wide variety of individuals, is not as important as creating a message that appeals to your target audience members.
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vertical email marketing
vertical email marketing

Bulletins As Tool For Internet Marketing

If you do not have a list of email distribution (by voluntary subscription) to maintain contact with your visitors and potential customers is simply wasting money. Things are so simple: people buy from those who know or trusts. And there is NOTHING on the Internet that allow you to set this as an electronic publication (e-newsletter) where you can show your recipients that you are good at what he does.
Starting a newsletter will get you in touch with your audience and keep them updated on their current and future products and services. It will avoid the concern that I will remember your name come to become familiar with their statements. Moreover, it may sell advertising in the form of classified ads. But more importantly is establishing trust and relationships. Start an Ezine by free subscription should be a priority.
Electronic newsletters are virtually a goldmine for everyone involved. The editors and writers can create well written articles and information and send to thousands of subscribers at low cost. Readers can receive high quality information directly to your email inbox without incurring costs as in traditional subscription journals. The professional marketing has the potential to reach a very selected audience at minimal cost. As we can see, newsletters electronics put us all involved in a situation of apparent gain.
I would like to take a moment to make sure they understand the true potential of spectrum and electronic newsletters , as from my point of view are the most effective marketing tool that currently exists in cyberspace. First, it is worth noting that the newsletters have nothing to do with the practice of sending unsolicited email, known as spamming.
By contrast, electronic newsletters are ONLY sent to people who voluntarily subscribe to the service. Readers will not be offended to receive this information, we will not have problems with our Internet access providers and are a great tool to build our business on-line. Produce quality newsletters, receive electronic newsletters and advertise in them is a highly recommended practice to achieve success in our respective business on the Web
vertical email marketing

The Search Engine Marketing

Marketing is the engine that drives the Successful Business

Hi, this is Me again. Last week we were talking about a critical issue, which is how to combat the over saturation of information.
One of the things I was saying is you have to concentrate your efforts and your education and learn different activities in your marketing . And what I mean specifically is doing real marketing. Now I'll tell you what the real marketing because there are two quite different trends. But, without a doubt, marketing is the engine that drives any business successful or off the Internet.
Even some people think that when the economy is bad or when we are in crisis, the first thing you want to cut is the marketing budget, when, on the contrary, if we know that marketing is the blood and the heart of your business and is what drives the business successful, is where we need to be more investing our money .
Why is marketing so important? Marketing is extremely important because you will tell me: "No, but that I have the best product in the world," for let me tell you that you can have the best product in the world but if you can not do marketing of that product, no you will buy. In fact, I know, and you probably also know, hundreds of examples that could be given to companies that do not necessarily have the best product, but because they have a better marketing are much more successful businesses.
Let me give a very concrete example. You know make hamburgers? Do you think that when you cook a hamburger is you richer, more flavorful than any other burger either McDonald's or Burger King or any of these? Of course you do. And then the question is why you do not have a multimillion dollar business? The answer is simple: because these companies have a system, and this system is a marketing system that allows them to market their products, so are not the best product on the market. So to have the best product is not enough.
Even if you have a bad product and you know do the marketing, you may have a successful business. Not as a business, because if people will buy and the product was bad, not going to continue shopping. So you want to go against their own marketing standards.
Now let's talk about what is marketing and what marketing is specifically for me. If you ask any marketer or anyone "For you, what is marketing?" Each person will give a completely different definition guaranteed. And the answer depends a lot on your educational background, your experience, if you have been involved in the fields of advertising , marketing and marketing or not. Even many they will give you completely contradictory answers.
So if I'm saying that marketing is the blood and the heart of the business, as we need to clarify exactly what is marketing, and I like to give a very simple and very simple definition of what for me is the marketing terms. Basically, to me marketing is any activity that converts to an unknown friend, and then turn that friend customer, then convert that customer into a customer buying me again and for a long period, ie, by a long cycle, my products and my services. And ultimately that customer for life is becoming an evangelist finished my products and my services. That's my definition of marketing.
Why do I say this? Because sometimes you have the opportunity to purchase a course on the topic X or Y, and believe that you are learning marketing, but really you're not learning about marketing the strategic part, but as to the tactical part. Then you learn tactics and tactics and tactics, and are completely disconnected from a marketing strategy , which is where you have to be concentrating all your efforts, because it is that marketing is extremely important and, above all, on the Internet, where the treatment is so impersonal. Out of Internet you can go to a store, you can have a face to face person, is a more personal approach. You can know the quality of the offices of the person you are trying to buy a product or service.
But the Internet is very impersonal, you will have the person face to face, face to face, you do not know if it really is a reputable company, you do not know if this company is legitimate or not legitimate. Then,we must focus all our efforts on marketing. Why? Because people do not buy from people who do not know or do not buy things you do not know or do not know business. So that is the importance of marketing: we achieve passing strangers to friends, friends to customers, clients repeat customers, evangelists of our products and our services.
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There is another very interesting question. All we are daily bombarded by lots of advertising, everywhere: on television, on radio, in newspapers, on the Internet, in e-mail, search engine ... Anywhere are constantly bombarded by advertising . However, I want to ask you to do an exercise, and you try to differentiate that there are two fundamental types of advertising: the first is the institutional publicity, whose aim is basically brand building, and the second largest branch of advertising is direct response advertising , which is what we teach, is what we use and we are using it with success on the Internet.
What is the difference between one and the other? Institutional advertising, as I said, it aims to create brand and not have any kind did call to action . So if you see the commercial for Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola commercial, all these kinds of things, their ultimate goal is not to sell more Coca-Cola soft drinks, and Pepsi sell more soda, but have brand recognition . There is a call to action to go and buy a Coke at this time, but simply branding. And I'm not trying to say this is a bad thing. However, not all have pockets, budget, or financial resources, or technical, or human, to invest millions of dollars branding.
However, what we can do is direct response advertising, ie, advertising that is likely to be measured, and the Internet is the place to do field. And this is what we know as the direct response marketing . The direct response marketing lets me know almost scientific certainty, how it will behave a campaign I'm doing, because when I know my metric, when I know my numbers, I can perfectly know, if I send thousand people to a page survey , what percentage of those people are going to enlist. And those do I know the data in real time.
Let's say we had a letter of sales that is turning at 30%, meaning that 30 of every 100 people you leave your name and e-mail on this page prospecting. We know with certainty that if I send traffic to that page qualified, 30 of 100 are to be discharged. So my job now is to try to raise that conversion rate, and there are many ways that I can do: changing the title, modifying benefits I present the offer, etc.. And I can do a series of tests, which is what we call "Test A and B" or "Split Test A / B". I can send half the traffic to the A version of that page survey, half of the traffic to the B version of that page survey. 'd Send such traffic thousand here, a thousand people traffic here, how many sales were achieved or how many records were achieved with version A, how many records were achieved with the B version?
If I can determine that the B version is not converting at 30%, but 35%, and then remove the stand this. And right now I can make another Split Test between this new version, which is B, and a C version And I put the two to compete: a system half the traffic here, half the traffic here, see what result I produced this page, which gave me this result. If they are tied, better or worse, I can make different settings. Then notice that here on the Internet this is very fast, because these data can have in real time.
There are many principles of direct response marketing to make these conversions will improve and surely will have heard of sales letters , for headlines , subheads of, the importance of highlighting the benefits rather than the features of the products, you know the importance of the guarantees , the testimonies , the postscripts ... All this is part of the advertising or direct response marketing.
Now, something that I want to make clear is that this direct response marketing is not new, it is not an invention of the Internet. All this discipline started there, around 1850, ie, over a hundred years that there is this discipline of direct response marketing ago, and many of the things we use today are based on more than a hundred years of hard data that allow us to maximize the results of all our activities in Internet marketing .
So the conclusion of this video, which was intended to be a short video, is that you should focus on learning direct response marketing. You have to learn to see your business from a marketing perspective, because as I said at the beginning of this video, marketing is the engine that drives the most successful businesses. Or put another way, marketing is the blood and the heart of your business, and that's where you have to become a specialist. You have to become a specialist in how you promote your products and your services. You have to learn to do marketing and you have to know how all these things transpolar direct response marketing for your business.
search engine marketingWith this video I wanted you to know a little difference in the perspectives of marketing, I hope I've opened your eyes. And definitely, I want to recommend one of my own resources: a course called " unlimited customer flow , "and it'll get. And basically this is a course of six months, where every week, for 24 modules spread during those six months, I'll teach you all the details, basically from A to Z, how to direct response marketing so you get yourself a limitless stream of customers for your business, whether inside or outside the Internet.
search engine marketing

The Brief Description on Search Engine Marketing

The search engine marketing is defined as the set of actions to increase exposure and relevance of a site or page within the search engines on the Internet, so as to be more attractive and the initial positions of the list of results obtained by customers and visitors.

In the virtual or electronic market as well as in the real market, positioning assumes a fundamental importance. The correct and proper application of the techniques and tools of search engine marketing, either traditional marketing or online could mean huge advances and improvements in the daily operation of your business.

A visitor, client or potential client, performs the searches that are of like or need. The resulting list will be presented in a set order from the relevance or match your site (and its characteristics) with the trace criterion. This order will be crucial in the process of choice of places to visit for consumers. The search engine marketing, then, pursues the goal of your site possesses the best performance, and one of their strategies is to seek higher positions and best results in search, this is one of the basic postures that Chasing internet marketing.

Many companies or online marketing agencies that can assist in this task, you only need to know to choose your most suitable supplier. Of course, your manager or marketing yourself you could design and implement a good online marketing plan, using the knowledge learned in online marketing courses. For search engine marketing these theoretical notions are fundamental, the difference is that the same learning courses through Internet marketing lacks the experience in search engine marketing that do have the dedicated professionals on this issue.

Thus, a company of Internet marketing can provide almost immediate solutions, or at least in the short term, and with great results. They will know to advise you on the steps, and assist you in developing a marketing plan search engine that suits your needs and requirements, as well as their personal and work about the fulfillment of the goals and desires specific and general objectives pursued you and your business, whatever it is.

Online marketing in U.S has taken advantage of the proper use and implementation of marketing strategies and techniques in search engines for some years now. When this was still an unexplored field, Spanish suppliers of such services and were checking the current trends. As you can see, there are many marketing strategists search engines in Spain, but only some will be suitable for your plans. You should be aware of the recommendations, previous experiences, and the expected quality of service.

Now you know: at its next action virtual market, know choose their good service provider marketing and search engines several steps toward the goal.