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How Successful Affiliation: internet advertising

online advertising

Advertising on the internet - its different forms

Pay per click? CPM? Two third-party payers? Referralware? What is hiding behind these forms of affiliation ...
Internet advertising is almost entirely together under the term of membership.
In fact, the affiliate is acting on behalf of a affiliator (usually a merchant) directing traffic to the website affiliator. Depending on how affiliate affiliators provides an income for the affiliate proportion of this traffic.
This is usually the affiliator offering a membership plan which specifies the methods of remuneration.
The methods of payment of the insured can take different forms, they are described below.
Article: Internet advertising

Pay per click - the best known

This mode is best known on the internet. It involves setting up ads on your site, usually in the form of banners. This is normally free and the affiliate is paid (between 0.01-0.5 €, 0.1 € often) when a visitor clicks on the banner. The affiliator provides codes (banners address, destination url). The affiliate places its site or emails as it sees fit.
Article: Internet advertising

Pay per lead or form

This type of payment is sent when the visitor gets to see a catalog of products or enrolled in a newsletter. In fact, the contact (lead) is said to be called when the visitor provides contact information, email generally. The affiliator there is interested because he can then communicate it offers, promotions. It builds a database of potential customers. In general, this results in a higher payment (€ 0.2-0.5).
Article: Internet advertising

Pay per CPM (Cost Per Mille)

The affiliator pays you every time the banner is displayed! In fact, prices are based per thousand views, were talking about CPM (cost per thousand). Prices range widely from 0.1 to 100 $! This method is not available to everyone. And it will usually affiliate of the implement. Some services offer automatic exchanges rotating banner, but those who just pay $ 0.1.
It is a system that is aimed at sites already highly developed with good quality traffic.
To submit a CPM interesting enough, it will have a highly targeted traffic. Since it is the affiliate who set the price, the more you ask a CPM, the more the advertiser or affiliating show difficult, and we must be able to prove the quality of targeting.
Article: Internet advertising

Pay per sales (sales commission)

Here, you enter an area that gets really interesting. Many sites will offer you receive a commission ranging from 5 to 30% on every purchase made by a visitor that you send.
The best known example is Amazon. By joining Amazon, you can directly nominate a book on your site and create a link on the page corresponding payment in the Amazon catalog. If the visitor buys, it's 15% for you. Incidentally, the Fnac website works on the same principle (but only pays 5%, crumbs!).
The sites offering this type of commission are more numerous, hardware, telephone, rental of ships, this mode is now touching all categories of electronic commerce.
Article: Internet advertising

Two-thirds pay, the ideal solution

Some sites offering systems will last much further. They also pay you a commission (any) income of affiliates who have signed up with you. For affiliate, this is an extremely interesting.
You can even have the chance of a future affiliate, registering with you, or the happy owner of a site with high traffic that will generate more sales than you ... It is a system that wins on length and has no defects. We highly recommend it.
Article: Internet advertising

Matrices and MLM

Attention, get ready to discover another world.
MLM, Multi Level Marketing means. In fact, the system of two-thirds pay is already a MLM system. Unless he stops one generation recruitment.
MLM itself was invented in the 60s. It is based mainly on the ability to recruit resellers (affiliates) who themselves recruit other dealers and so on. In such an organization (matrix), commissions between the different levels are regulated by a diabolical plan almost commissions with the power to make you very rich! "The Sky Is The Limit" as they say.
Article: Internet advertising

Chef's Note WebSioux

Attention, a little warning about MLM ... Yes, MLM is very powerful, sites that offer you this type of activity you speak of are mirobolantes. It gives you the impression that anyone can win these astronomical sums, and very easily. But only a small number of people are coming to get 4 or 5 zeros. Most only earn ridiculous amounts, which have nothing to do with what they had hoped. It takes a lot of work, investment and organization specific property.
You can also visit one of my other articles on this subject, entitled " What about the MLM ? ".
I urge you to opt for commission plans to sell a system with two third party. It is currently the safest way to earn money for all those who have designed a simple personal website without having a product or service to sell.

How Successful Affiliation: affiliation optmiser

affiliation revenue 

Maximize revenue from your affiliation

Whatever the amount you reported your affiliation, there is always the possibility of increasing its profits. The technique is to observe the behavior of your visitors to test and observe the results.
If you followed my advice and SEO affiliate, then you have a site with traffic and therefore you are affiliated with a partner. After about a month, you should have a good idea of ​​the performance of your site.
How many visitors? How many clicks on your affiliate links, and how you relate to? If your traffic is sufficient, you may consider this income as stable as your competition does not react. However, be aware that there is always room for optimization. Even if you are already euphoric because your site generates its 2000 Euros per month, consider this optimization phase seriously. It is not uncommon to be able to increase income by 400% using the following methods!
This optimization step is to analyze the behavior of your visitors. This analysis will allow you for example to adjust your content or you reorganize so as to increase the number of visitors that visit your partners.
Article: Optimizing Affiliate

Analyze the behavior of your visitors

This will be done by studying your log files. In case you did not know, log files are files provided by your host that contains all the actions performed by users of your site.

Much more effective than a simple counter, these files allow you to:
  • Adjust the layout of your website to eliminate any problem or defect which can be frustrating for your visitors. To cause them to leak and even never see them again.
  • Modify your content to reflect the desires of your visitors. This will allow you to keep them longer on your site and increase your credibility.
  • Know exactly what advertising effort is profitable and which is unfortunately a waste of time.
  • Which search engines bring you the most visitors. A very important in order to focus your optimization effort to specific requests of these search engines.
  • What is the keyword used to arrive at your site? Are you on top of that keyword, optimize that.
  • What other sites bring you visitors and how much? Who are the partners that you are profitable and which ones are a waste of time or money.
  • How long visitors stay on your site they? 20 seconds or 30 minutes?
    Are they confused by your page and they leave the site quickly?
  • Which pages are most popular? Is this really where you want your visitors linger? Make the necessary changes, or expose to you the most interesting offers.
  • What route visitors follow? Knowing the course, entry, exit can allow you to change your organization in order to maximize the exposure of your offers profitable.
  • What error message do they receive your visitors?
    Make sure they receive more, you may lose them forever.
  • What is the distribution of traffic every day? Have you pics after sending your newsletter? Are you more read the weekend, the week?
Article: Optimizing Affiliate

How to read log files?

If you already have a log file open, you know they like nothing. Compiled a lot of data in a format completely unusable. If you're lucky or you wisely choose your provider, it may be that it provides you a free program to decrypt these log files or better yet it offers a free online consultation form and report graphs.
If this lack of service is a good reason to change provider, you can also find programs (log analysts) that will make you the same services. Be aware that this type of program, the price may be an indication of the number of options available but it is not an indicator of the value that these options are for your personal study.
Here are three good tools: : An interesting statistic tool free and easy to use
AXS : A tracker a little complex at first but very powerful and free (it requires that your hosting is compatible with the PERL language)
Xiti : Internet audience measurement and analysis of traffic Websites
Article: Optimizing Affiliate

Details of vocabulary

Often confused with the number of visitors, a hit is yet very different. The hit counters you probably crossed on some web pages do not count the number of visitors, but the number of files that have been loaded. For example, if your page contains 6 files, when a visitor loads your page, the browser generates seven hits. This is a very poor indicator of the number of visitors.
The confusion is so great that some analysts call logger "hit" the number of visitors! - Remember to check the definitions of services you use.
This is the number of times an HTML page has been downloaded from your website.
A click-through is achieved when you are promoting your site using banners on another site. When you receive a visitor in this way, you receive a click-through.
Unique visitor:
This time, it is indeed the number of visitors. Visitors are identified by their IP address. This is the best method to count the number of visitors. However, the software analyzes also called user transfer because according ISPs (Internet Service Provider), the IP address changes each time you connect to the Internet. It is impossible to tell the difference between a new visitor and a visitor returns. Hence the term transfer user.
Article: Optimizing Affiliate

Chef's Note Websioux

This optimization phase is truly exciting. If your traffic is enough, you can see the results of your changes in the next hour., It is essential to take the time to analyze how your target market perceives your site. You will discover the key to success.
You will experience the nature of the internet, the advantage of flexibility. Learning to change your job and your presentation based on his acceptance, you will develop the skills required for any business on the net. There is no doubt that some of you will seize the opportunity and launch their own product creation. Remember a product on the net can take many forms that do not require physical production. Internet is a world of information that is always seeking more effective. Find out where your personality, you know particular place. Know and adapt to the new international world. It may well be that there is room for everyone.

How Successful Affiliation: 8 tips Affiliate

Successful Affiliate 

8 Tips for a Successful Affiliate

Many naive enough to believe that placing a banner ad on a website just to make money. This is a good method if you want to save a few dollars ... This is what you want???
I know that NO, and if you want reasonably generate hundreds of dollars of your membership at least it will show a little more professionalism and observe the following tips.
Article: Board membership

Tip # 1: Work

The affiliate must not be passive but active. And yes, the money does not fall from the sky ... but after all, do you think we can make a living without working?
Do not place above your affiliator, ie that of the seller. To truly succeed, membership is a voluntary and well calculated from the affiliate. Should organize your site so as to promote the exhibition, the interest of affiliating your product, without much to show visitor that your ultimate goal is to sell something. Establish first a relationship of trust with your visitors, give them such free information in the field of interest ... And thereafter, you will naturally recommend him affiliating your products.
Article: Board membership

Tip # 2: Choosing Product

Tailor your content on your affiliate website. Find something that is of interest in relation to the specificity of your visitors. For example, if you have a site about tennis, it is very welcome to offer your visitors a method that would enable them to improve their service. But do not stick to a banner on the latest cell phone, it would make no sense. Find a product that is particularly suited to the type of person interested in your site is essential to true financial success affiliation.
Article: Board membership

Tip # 3: Know your niche

Understand that your site is in a class of persons defined. Understand their needs, it is able to exploit this niche. This niche is your market. These people as everyone is ready to make purchases. Your membership must focus on what your niche wants or demands. And it is this condition that you know exactly what product they recommend.
Article: Board membership

Tip # 4: Buy the product

This is necessary in order to evaluate it. It is very difficult (and rather dishonest) advise something that we did not assess yourself. Since your membership must take the form of a recommendation, you'll do even more if you know the product in detail. This is the only way to verify the quality, competitiveness, to explain precisely your visitors the benefits to be obtained by using the product that you recommend. Do not forget!
Article: Board membership

Tip # 5: Limiting the number of affiliators

Focus on one type of product. If you advise all kinds of products, you can be sure that your credibility will dramatically decrease. Sites type Christmas tree with flashing banners per page 10 does not make money. Your membership must truly take the form of a Council, a contribution.
To share your knowledge, understanding and take the role of specialist, you must know exactly what products you offer. The user perceives incompetence spontaneously before an advertising display. The number of affiliate programs you are registering is NOT related to the amount of your income.
Article: Board membership

Tip # 6: Recognition of cookies

Make sure your affiliator recognizes cookies. In this way, it will mark the visitor that you send. Thus, if the sale is made ​​the next day or even the following month, the commission you rightfully. Whichever way the visitor returns, the PC is asked if he has already come, he then received a cookie that contains your identification number. The commission can then be paid to you. Be aware that too few apply this principle affiliators sense. Educate yourself and demand it!
Article: Board membership

Tip # 7: Test Test Test

Analyze the behavior of your visitors from your log files. Learn to understand. And fit you. Try different ways to send in your affiliator. Observe the results, and repeat!
Article: Board membership

Tip # 8: Learn more

Surf, search, search the web ... Be eager to learn! Do not hesitate to sign up for newsletters on the subject. This is really a website for tips to succeed better. You learn a lot this way.
Do not be afraid of the pub, the pub is a great way to follow the market, learn about new products and find out where are your competitors. In a new world growing, the pub is a way to learn new. Most methods of advertising offer by email to unsubscribe from email received. Your email scanning tools such as Outlook or Eudora offer filters to automatically delete unwanted. Even if you have an address like hotmail, you can manage your mailboxes from conventional tools.

How Successful Affiliation: Find Affiliator

Find Affiliator

How to Find Affiliator

Many merchants install programs allowing you to affiliate directly with them.
To discover them, it will either go to their website or browse through the advertising or websites dedicated to affiliation.
Article: Finding affiliator

Find Affiliate on specialized sites

These sites take care of the affiliate relationship to and affiliating. They are the ones who manage payments affiliates. They are also called advertising or regulated affiliate.
The most famous market in French
  • Cibleclick:
  • Comclick:
  • WIPUB:
  • TradeDoubler:
  • First coffee network:
  • Promoaffiliate:
The most famous English market:
  • Commission Junction
  • Linkshare:
You will also find many affiliate programs on sites that list them.
In French:
  • Monetize:
  • Best Sponsors:
In English:
  • AssociatePrograms:
  • AffiliateDirectory:
  • Refer-it:
  • Cashpile:
  • Iboost:
Note: The quality of the provision is significantly better on the English market (that is ahead of the French market). The greater part of the tender are two thirds paying with recognition of cookies. It is reasonable to consider that the French market will follow the movement of the transition to the commission on the sale and 2/3 charge. Stay tuned ..
Article: Finding affiliator

Find your affiliator sites themselves

Learn to look for a discerning eye sites you visit. Sure to click on entries like: partners, resellers, advertising, advertising. Sites that offer themselves an affiliate program there are many more that you think. Sites do not always tend to close up they are looking for affiliates. However, the information is often present and the registration still free and easy.z

How Successful Affiliation: affiliation, the principle

Membership is the easiest way to earn money with your website.

This term covers the greater part forms of advertising on the web and consists of different principles that we describe in the following pages.
To become an affiliate and start earning money you will only register in an advertising agency or a commercial site and place links to the site.
Article: principle Affiliate

History Department: History of advertising on the internet

Changing forms of advertising on the internet. A few years ago, the first booms of web sites began to offer advertising space in exchange for remuneration. He then earned money based on the number of times the banner is displayed, or whenever a visitor clicks on it.
But the merchant who seeks to make his pub, these sites were interesting in sites with high traffic. Manually place an ad on a low traffic site is generally a waste of time.
Thus appeared the regulated affiliate advertiser who offered to "manage" his campaign. They were responsible for recruiting pay affiliates, count the number of click or to load and display of payments. With the governed, sites with low traffic could start generating income based on their numbers display. Advertisers them could then enjoy the diversity of exposure that these multitudes of small sites could offer. Authorities knew a great success.
If system is still there, it is now largely stalled. He suffered rejection Internet advertising to its invasive. The number of times a banner is clicked compared to the number of its display (click rate) fell by a factor of 20!
Those earning the number of click have seen their incomes fall, and those who paid the display paying for nothing. Not to mention the possibility of cheating, which increased the controversy the world of internet advertising suffered a huge crisis.
These systems still exist, but they are more difficult to access (filtering affiliates) and expected income will be low if you do not have a huge traffic.
The solution must come from another system:
She has appeared through affiliation with commission on the sale.
Article: principle Affiliate

Affiliation with commission on the sale is by far the most Sioux advertising solution

In this principle, the affiliate receives a percentage (5-50%) of the amount of sales made on the website by affiliating visitors sent by the affiliate.
The good news is that you can earn much more and that the advertiser too! membership by commission on the sale is just as easy to set up and even visitors will find a profit.
HU? how?
Because achieve a good affiliate therefore requires a bit more work at the time of the early pioneers of the web. We must now show a little more tact. It takes time to offer its visitors a better navigation without the embarrassment of pubs both incongruous and send a maximum number of visitors in its affiliating ...
This may seem impossible, but it turns out that this work is far from being unachievable, and is even accessible to all ... And that site will put you on the road. This work finally bear fruit. You can honestly earn your living from affiliate commission per sale. With a site that will not ask more than a few hours per month you can create a comfortable income. I'M SERIOUS!
Article: principle Affiliate

Technically how membership works for sale?

Side of affiliate:
It is always simple. Free registration which provides a series of links to place in your website or newsletter to send to your visitors.
Affiliator site is responsible for sales and accounting of payments. Visitors you send a text link or a banner (supplied or by affiliating) and whenever a purchase is made by one of your visitors you are credited with your commission (from 1 to 200 $ depending on the product). At the end of each month you will receive your payments.
The side affiliator:
Authorities have of course followed suit and now offer merchants to manage their affiliate program for sale. This will insert the merchant codes in its secure payment pages.
Software: any merchant can launch itself its affiliate program through software very similar to those boards but specially designed for them. With the total program control and automation of administrative tasks, while everyone is now able to manage its own affiliate program and, as he sees fit!
Here is a final good trick Sioux!

Create your network: Link Exchange

Link Exchange 

Link Exchange: Get Traffic from other sites.

To get traffic from other sites, you will find partners - Do not neglect this step, it is able to orbit your traffic.
Eventually, when your site meets all the success we wish him the traffic from other sites far exceed those from engines.

Link exchange: What do we talk about?

Get links from other sites is ultimately the best way to ensure your traffic explosion.
As always, you will make sure to look for sources of targeted traffic.
Not just a website that links to you, inevitably send visitors, but it will increase the popularity of your page, which will result in an increase in tickets search engines.
Before discussing your future partners and techniques to convince them to link to you, you must consider that you have two kinds:
  • Sites with high traffic that will become your key partners.
  • Sites with smaller traffic that will be your secondary partners.
  • The following pages you will learn to distinguish your future partners and show you how to effectively address - Tricks of Our Sioux always help you increase your profits by allowing you to establish multiple partnerships in a minimum time.
    Do not miss out on these techniques almost diabolical .... Better to be informed when designing your website as they are likely to influence its existence ....
    And do not forget, the greatest success on the internet are always from partnerships.
    Start exchanging traffic you will learn the essence of power that provides the exchange of information, visibility or skill on the Internet.
    It is an initiatory passage for the benefit of everyone.

    Create your network: Increasing popularity

    How to Increase Your Popularity?

    Exchanging links brings traffic and improves your seats in engines ..
    Equip your site such a proposal and start increasing your popularity starting to hunt for links.
    Article: Increasing popularity

    Submit exchanging links on your site

    Simply put up a page with the form on which you propose a link exchange.
    The easiest way is to set up a page dedicated to external links. This page will be linked to the home page to be effective with engines. Indicate that you install the link and you will verify that the reciprocal link (pointing to you) is also installed. This exchange must prove attractive to the webmaster interested, do not forget to remind the interest.
    There are several ways to increase the interest, the only limit is the imagination. For example, you can offer different types of exchanges. The most simple links page against page of links to more effective directly in one of the pages of the site if the site content is suitable partner. The idea is to remind your openness to those who are looking for partners. Then you are free to pay attention to the proposal or forget about the field.
    Over time, these proposals on your site will bring you many interesting discussions.
    Article: Increasing popularity

    Take action, contact the Webmaster

    Why wait for the webmaster to contact you? then you can find yourself. In addition you have the benefit of choice. You will be able to target your partners. If the number of links that point to places you increase your engines, this is even more effective when they come from sites related to yours. Engines give greater weight to this link and you are also likely to receive significant targeted traffic this way.
    To maximize your success rate, we give you some tips for writing your messages approach the next page.
    In other pages, we will explain this technique to automate the process diabolical while increasing your success rate.

    Technical SEO: Search Engine Marketing

    Professional SEO 

    Professional SEO: Is it worth it?

    The professional SEO of a website is to pay a specialist in the field to perform the SEO of our site. But is the game worth the candle?

    Assess your needs SEO

    First, take a step back and analyze our needs referencing. Do you know the tips and tricks of SEO? Do you know the major search engines and directories? Do you have the time to do your own SEO? These are all questions that you must ask before deciding to hire someone to get professional SEO services.

    Lack of knowledge and time

    If you do not have the necessary knowledge, and besides, you do not have the time to learn to use the SEO professional is probably the best solution to promote your site quickly.

    SEO professional: the costs

    Costs can vary greatly depending on the task at hand. We must understand that the professional SEO does not stop only submit your site to various search engines. It is first and foremost to optimize the content of the pages of your site to appeal to their engines. Only to submit your site to the engines, you should not pay a lot, but to optimize your content, it becomes more expensive.

    Beware of profiteers professional SEO

    Some tips for you to not have when you buy SEO professional is to check if the consultant's web site is easy to find in search engines. Also, stay away if you're guaranteed a # 1 position, it is usually fake. In conclusion, it is good to work with u professional SEO when you can afford it, but SEO is pretty simple when you know the tricks, it is sometimes more efficient to learn to do it yourself.

    Technical SEO: SEO Manual

    Technical SEO 

    Referencing the manual, what is it?

    When the website is completed, it is necessary to submit to search engines and directories so that it is then found by users. To do this, there are currently two methods: manual referencing and automatic referencing.
    Automatic referencing is to use software that automates the process by submitting himself your site to search engines and directories. So you enter your information once and the software does the rest. Beneficial in terms of saving time, but illegal for the search engines ... so to avoid!

    Referencing the manual: the best option fee!

    Performing SEO for your site manually, you ensure that the engines will accept your site faster. In addition, by performing the manual referencing in directories, you make sure to choose the category in which your site is found.
    SEO Manual: quality counts more than quantity!
    Some will tell you it is good to submit your website to hundreds of thousands of directories to get lots of traffic to your site. The reality is that you will receive traffic mainly Google, and can very directories. But that does not mean that the directories are not important!
    Your ranking in Google
    Google calculates among other things the number of quality links pointing to your site to determine if your site should be released in the first positions. Having this in mind, you will understand that the manual referencing your site is super important. Even if you do not get a lot of traffic directories, these links will point to your still, which will help your overall positioning!
    In conclusion, it is quite advisable to SEO manual, and despite the fact that it takes more time. The effort is very rewarding!

    Good SEO practices white hat techniques


    white hat techniques 


    As most of my articles, it can happen to me about " Google "as I speak indeed of all search engines . The reason is simple: it is that Google has introduced this vision and is the cause of revision total technical SEO .
    I'll start by trying to identify the purpose of the search engines. This will help us to work in the right direction. We then discuss some techniques known as the "white hat" (white hat), that is to say, it is best practices for search engines themselves. It is simply optimizing a website to suit a specific application: the crawler of referencing . These techniques are opposed to "black hat" (black hat) will be another course.
    Everything I say here will be geared towards SEO for your site. It is not impossible that some councils are in conflict with what you may have read elsewhere about "good programming practices". To you to make the right choices.

    Brief history 

    I have already mentioned the context of the Web at the time of the appearance of Google. It was a little fair every webmaster did as he saw fit, and some had no scruples. This has led to the evolution of search engines. They were then very similar to simple directories they ranked sites based on information provided by the webmaster. The advantage of this method is the ease of implementation. The downside is that the unscrupulous webmaster has almost total control over the positioning of the site in the search results.
    It was almost enough to duplicate the content of its website in /> <meta name="keywords" for the search engine that trusted in this tag, make up the site for each of these keywords. Using several techniques similar search engines of yesteryear were easily duped.
    Google has introduced a very interesting concept on his arrival: his goal was not classify sites using only parameters that the webmaster can control, but also with elements on which it can act only insignificantly.
    These are backlinks . I have enough dissertations on it (cf. My other articles), I will not repeat my words.

    ID. Objective of this article (as webmaster) 

    Our goal will be to focus on the elements of our site which Google may still have confidence and can thus serve to guide us properly.
    I firmly believe that the most important thing here is to build a relationship of trust between Google and our site. Over time, if our site does not violate the rules of the art and the search engine feels that our site is trustworthy, it is not excluded that Google offers bonuses at SEO.
    As webmasters, our interest is to guide the search engine bots to what they want by showing them a path properly signposted.
    An element can not sufficiently reflected in this article and I wish to speak here: Your Web site is intended for human beings, not a robot. As such, the SEO robot always tries to find meaning in your pages. It seeks semantics where he is able and tracking inconsistencies possible.
    Be the reference: work content of your site before anything else.

    The semantic field 

    Semantics is a term of utmost importance in computer science. When it comes to writing source code, a good semantic meaning both you structure your code in an intelligible manner and your variable names / functions / etc. are completely transparent. Such a source has very little need for documentation.
    Here, it is to determine the semantics of your website.
    This step is crucial, since everything will move depending on this choice. Remember that search engines tend to favor find a site that deals with a single topic. Why? Because users work on the same principle. In addition, your domain name should be a summary of your website.
    To get a good ranking, I suggest you carefully select two or three words and use them in most of your anchor text (links). Ask your partner to do the same  you have a link on their pages.
    Focus on a few keywords headlights, your SEO on these words will get even better. Of course, if these keywords correspond to the semantic field your main site, the crawlers you make your efforts. Obviously (bis), choose keywords to your measurement: If you tilt your sights on "apache" and "php" for a site on Web development, as saying that you'll be hard pressed to reach the first page of results these two keywords ...

    Also try to find partners for your site to complete your theme. Attention, it is not competing but complementary sites.