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Folder Marker, color in your files

Folder Marker is a free utility that allows you to ingenious color or mark folders differently in Windows Explorer. An easy way to find the most important.
folder markers
Once the program is installed, Folder Marker adds an icon on your desktop, but also an item in your context menus (right click).
You can then change the color with a simple right click on the folder. Folder Marker also offers a set of icons with which you can dress up your directories (high priority, private folder, etc.)..
A simple and effective solution to bring color into your records.

free download MailWasher, anti-spam solution

puffin web browser

Your mailbox is awash in more advertising messages? Before you throw your connection window, try this tool you really simplify life.
MailWasher is a powerful program to check e-mails and efficient removal of spam. Discover the safest way to stop viruses and unsolicited e-mails before they reach your computer.
Before interviewing your email with your preferred email (Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla mail ...), simply run MailWasher will detect spam as possible for you and offer you delete it!
The strength of this software is that it will repatriate the beginning of the message (headers). You can easily determine from this information whether or not the message is spam. If yes, check Delete to remove it from your mailbox without downloading!
download mailwasher

Download MailWasher

Validate your HTML

Many webmasters overlook a very important aspect of the design of a website: the validity of the HTML code.


HTML code consistent
Browsers as well as search engines perform parsing code HTML for your website in order to find relevant content.
Like any language, HTML has its own grammar, vocabulary and syntax, and any document written in HTML should follow these rules.
If your HTML code contains errors, some browsers have difficulty displaying the content of your pages.

Search engines and code

After analyzing more than a billion pages on the Internet, Google notes that many pages contain errors and underlines the importance of code validation.
Poorly formatted HTML code is not always easy to detect. Web browsers will often forgive errors and display the page correctly. However, the robots of search engines may not be as forgiving as web browsers, and an incorrectly programmed or coded can be completely ignored.

The advantages of a valid code

  • Cost reduction
  • Updated Site facilitated
  • Coherence graph on the entire site
  • Pages readable regardless of the browser used
  • Referencing more efficient engines

Check the validity of the code on your pages

The only visual inspection of its web pages in a browser is not enough!
I advise you to use free of validator W3C to check your documents to Web formats HTML and XHTML .
Enter your website address in the field below and click OK to check your code.

Custom web design for your website

The design of your website is the first impression visitors have of your business. It should look like you without interfering with navigation.
web design
The design of a web page is primarily an artistic act implementing the inventiveness and creativity. This is a step visual design of structuring the graphical elements of a website to represent an aesthetic way, the visual identity of the company or organization.

Design a website

your image

The design of your website should you like without interfering with navigation. This important step is often overlooked by designers.
The design of your website is the first impression visitors have of your business. It is therefore essential that this image is professional.

Interface design

Interface website must be easy to navigate. The visitor should be able to quickly find the information they seek without being disturbed by the elements or animated graphics. Repetitive animations disrupt reading the content and can annoy users.
Web design therefore requires many skills in graphic design, programming and animation.
This is considering these elements and respecting that we realize the design and animation to your site.

Update your website without worry

Updating a web site should not be a problem for your business!
update website
Updating your site is essential to the development of your communication strategy on the Internet. In addition to ensuring the interest of users, the update enables your website to evolve and ensure its credibility.
Update your site gives your business a communication tool and economic cost.
Do you want to make changes to your website, add pages, update some information, correct spelling errors and small errors have crept?
Send us your documents with clear instructions and we will send you an offer of services in order to make updating your site as soon as possible.

Glossary Internet, technical terms

Directory of terms and acronyms used in this site with their definitions.

internet glossary

  Back-link back-linking and

Definition: A back-link is an incoming link coming from an external site or a site. The back-linking is a link exchange between two sites.
Description: The number of back-links a page can be roughly determined using the command link: Google. The number of back-links is one of the criteria used by Google. Sometimes written as an abbreviation of BL back-link.


Definition: A set of documents that sets out the rules of layout and defines the graphical appearance of documents (internal and external) of a company.
Description: The graphic is applied to define:
  • The logo (color, position on the page, supports, and variations allowed)
  • The fonts used
  • Color sets definable on various communication media
  • The use of graphic elements (watermarks, logo enlarged detail, curves and features specific to the company)
  • The principles of choice of images and illustrations.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

Definition: Cascading Style Sheets
Description: Advanced HTML 4.0 standard, which allows a better management of formatting documents HTML by defining classes formats.

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language

Definition: A markup language for publishing web pages on the Internet.
Description: The basics of HTML were developed during the period 1989-1992 in order to be able to write hypertext documents linking various Internet resources. The first document with the extension "HTML" to be published to the attention of the public was in August 1991 by Tim Burners-Lee , when he announced the birth of the World Wide Web.
This first version fairly informal standard HTML 4.01 W3C , the language has undergone many changes and different versions. There will be more new version of HTML in the future, this language is about to be replaced by XHTML which is one of the major concepts of the separation of content and style (layout).

HTML5 - Hyper Text Markup Language 5

Definition: A markup language for publishing web pages on the Internet.
Description: Next major revision of HTML (data format designed to represent the web pages). This version is in development in 2012.
HTML5 includes the majority of elements HTML4. However HTML5 also defines new elements that facilitate the development of modern web applications.

HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Definition: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
Description: Computer Protocol used to transfer hypertext documents between a web server and a web browser.

Markup Language - Markup language

Definition: Language for defining and structuring the information in a document.
Description: Markup languages ​​are also called description languages ​​because they are intended to describe the structure of the documents described.
We speak, for example, page description language when it comes to describing the structure of a page of a website (title, paragraphs, line breaks, bolded or italicized, etc.).. The page description language best known is probably the HTML , which is about to be replaced by XHTML .


Definition: The ranking of a website is a notion sometimes overused and often misunderstood. There are certainly many definitions of this term there are SEOs on the planet Web. But it is estimated that two definitions occur most often:
  • Definition 1: Referencing characterizes the enrollment phase of a website in the database search tools (directories and engines). This phase will therefore submitting a site until its actual presence in the databases, indexes and tools. This definition does not take into account the aspect of "positioning."
  • Definition 2: Referencing refers to any phase of the relationship between a website and a search tool: audit, keyword research, submission, verification, registration, positioning monitoring.
This definition is broader than the previous one. Both definitions are used routinely, so you need to know what we are talking about when you use the term "SEO".

Tim Berners-Lee

Definition: Inventor of the World Wide Web and director of the W3C .
Biography: Born in London on 8 June 1955, he completed graduate studies at Queen's College, Oxford from 1973 to 1976.
In 1980, as part of a consultancy mission on behalf of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, it offers project management information which contains the beginnings of hypertext.
In 1989 he proposed the hypertext project again at CERN. He designs in 1990 the first server HTTP and the first web browser called it "World Wide Web" after hesitating with "Mesh Information" and "Information Mine".
In 1994, he founded the W3C and the director.

WAI - Web Accessibility Initiative

Accessibility Initiative's Web
Definition: Refers to one of four areas of the W3C and the affiliate consortium whose mission is to promote accessibility for websites.
Description: The creation of the WAI dates back to 1996 and now has over 500 members (companies, industry organizations, disability organizations, research organizations and government).
Its main aim is to offer solutions to make the Internet accessible to people with disabilities.
Web accessibility has implications in fields as diverse as diverse organization WAI works at five levels:
  • ensure that technologies are compatible with web accessibility;
  • develop recommendations for accessibility;
  • better tools to assess and repair web accessibility;
  • create information materials for the world of education and social workers;
  • coordinate research and development.

Webmaster - Webmaster

Definition: Technical and editorial sometimes a website whose primary responsibility is the maintenance of a website. Person may also be responsible for updating or even the creation of Web documents issued by the organization to which it is attached.

W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

Definition: International Consortium whose goal is to promote the scalability of the Web and ensure its interoperability.
Description: The W3C was founded in October 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web) and now has over 450 members (companies, organizations from industry, research organizations and government). These members must adhere to the mission and respect the neutrality of the consortium.
W3C activities are organized into four areas:
  • Architecture: the development of the technologies required by the Web;
  • Interaction terms of improving the interaction between the Web and its users;
  • Technology and Society: the development of Web infrastructure to respond to the social, legal and public policy;
  • Accessibility Initiative of the Web: the development of solutions to make the Web accessible, primarily for disabled people.
W3C's role is:
  • propose a vision as accurately as possible the future of the Web to allow the development of technical solutions to the issues it raises;
  • develop technologies in line with the realization of this vision, taking into account both existing technologies as those to come;
  • to participate in the effort to standardize Web technologies by creating specifications (called "Recommendations") freely available to all.
Nearly ten years after the creation of the W3C, more than 80 recommendations are available. With these additions will add many guidelines and educational materials.
If this mission standardization of Web technologies is quite widely known, it should not overshadow other issues that the W3C tries to answer: protection of privacy, accessibility for the disabled, innovation management patents or even social implications of " Semantic Web ".

Semantic Web

Definition: The semantic web is the use of each tag wisely. The principle of markup HTML is that each tag has a meaning. Give a document that is appropriate tags this document and properly structure allow programs (browsers, motors, braille) to interpret the document so clean.
This is the principle of semantic <p> tag is used to structure paragraphs, the <div> for large areas of the document, <h1> ... <h6> for levels of securities, <ul> tag for lists and menus, etc..

XHTML - eXtensible HyperText Markup Language

Definition: Extensible HyperText Markup Language.
Description: Language standardized by the W3C for publishing web pages on the Internet. XHTML offers the same possibilities as HTML while being compliant XML . HTML documents should gradually be replaced by their equivalent in XHTML, the structure must be rigorous to facilitate access to machines other than computers, such as mobile phones for example.

XML - eXtensible Markup Language

Definition: Acronym for "eXtensible Markup Language" - extensible markup language.
Description: Standard set by the W3C , which allows you to create data structuring languages ​​specialized and personalized. XML is and what is called a "meta language", but also a file format.
The XML-based languages ​​allow you to manipulate, process and communicate all kinds of data and texts. Examples of such languages ​​include XHTML .

Optimization for search engines

We optimize the code on your pages to increase their relevance in search engines and improve their ranking in results.
website optimization
Optimization for search engines is to improve some of the internal and external aspects of the website in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines.
Each search engine has a specific ranking algorithm to present its results. This algorithm takes into account a number of relevant criteria which must be considered when creating a website.
For example, it is good to place keywords in title (top and a font with a large size).
When creating a site, and that the consideration of your pages and keywords that define an optimal, we perform an optimization of the code HTML , the structure of your links, as well as enhancement of the evaluation parameters of the engines.

Basic optimization

Preparation of the names of pages and directories so relevant to the keywords the site. When designing your site the choice of names for the pages is important. The term used to identify the page when it is created to represent the topic of this page to facilitate navigation and increase its ranking in search engines.

Text Enhancement

The text of a page is important for robots that act as a link between this text and the page. Our strategy is to include in your text the main keywords. This is favorable to increase the relevance of pages and thus their positioning. We must remember that what is useful for the user, is also good for the search engine.

Optimization headers

The headers allow search engines and readers to more easily determine the contents of the text body. The main title of the page should underline its importance for a robot search engine. Often this includes the title keyword defines the main theme of the page. Subtitles contain the extent possible secondary keywords, related to main keyword.

Image Optimization

Each image must contain a text alternative that will allow the user to be aware of is that the image if it is not displayed. (This is also the text that will be the default search engines.)

Redesign your website

If you already have a website and want to give it a new freshness, no need to throw everything on the floor and redo a entire site to change its appearance.
website redesign
Your website gets older, is not to date and does not reflect the image of your business? If so, it may not be necessary to go back in nine!
Just as fashion trends change Web, too. It was very beautiful and the last page is now a bit outdated.


Refresh a website is like a new birth. If you already have a website and want to give it a new freshness, no need to throw everything on the floor and redo a entire site to change its appearance. Refresh the website (or redesign site) is the best solution!
Refresh corrects errors in the design or architecture of the site. This is the time to review the source code of the pages, the graphic on the site and this is an opportunity to adjust all current standards. This is also the time to ensure that the information it contains is still valid and useful.
Sometimes a site will require only minor adjustments to improve it and give it a new look and in some instances, a complete overhaul is required.

Analysis and procedures

Before performing refresh your site, we will analyze all its content and appearance to meet the changes and amendments thereto.
Following this analysis, you can monitor real-time refresh your site while keeping the current version available to your visitors.
Once the work is completed and approved, the new version will be online.
Refresh your website is an asset for customer loyalty and give the image a dynamic company in constant evolution.
It is also an opportunity to win visitors and better optimized for search engines.

Accessibility of a website

An accessible website is accessible to everyone, disabled or not! We meet this challenge by creating websites accessible and compliant.

What is the accessibility of a website?

Web Accessibility
A website is available when it is possible for anyone to access equivalently, regardless of:
  • the browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, ...);
  • interface (using the keyboard or mouse);
  • the access platform (that is to say, the operating system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux ...)
  • display device (a 17-inch flat screen, laptop, tablet ...)
  • "Technical assistance" is used (a screen magnifier, a braille or speech ...)

Improving accessibility

No need to be disabled to become stuck to a site that requires the latest version of the browser or the use of a specific technology.
In Quebec, as elsewhere, some users may, because of their disability, be deprived of part of the contents of a website as, indeed, the entire population aging. But accessibility is not just about disabled visitors, even if it is one of the main reasons to give importance.
An accessible website works best for everyone, disabled or not, and can open its access to more browsers on most substrates.

Benefits of an accessible website

Making a Web site accessible is both a crucial and a challenge
  • capital because it broadens your audience as possible and making the site more usable for everyone (some levels of accessibility are also required by law in a number of countries);
  • a challenge because it requires a thorough design and testing to eliminate possible errors.
Thanks to those efforts as varied as the WAI , accessibility has been incorporated into a large number of W3C standards which ensures their power to adapt quickly to new audiences.

Your site is accessible?

To answer this question, use the free of Ocawa to check the accessibility of your website.
You will get a detailed report accurately all aspects of inaccessibility.

Accessibility, color blindness and

Making a site accessible to all means among other things the use of contrast and color intensities that do not interfere with the readability of it.
accessibility and colors
Accessibility has not been created for the sole benefit of the blind, as some might believe, but that of all disabilities (whether visual or other), and regardless of the degree of disability in question . By definition, is the accessibility of allowing everyone access to a resource, indiscriminate physical or hardware / software.

The problem

Visual disabilities are the most obvious, but the blind are not the only ones to benefit from more attention: the visually impaired and colorblind also form a significant portion (if not increasing with the aging of the population) users. If we combine the various possible visual impairment, you will realize that those who have perfect vision do not form such a large majority - and yet it is too often alone sites are built.
Choosing the right color combinations can easily provide better readability, and therefore better accessibility for the visually impaired. Among the visually impaired are people with blindness, that is to say, a poor interpretation of colors.


Where normal vision combines three pigments (red, green and blue) to interpret the colors, the colorblind can:
  • have three, one or more with Disabilities: This is abnormal chromaticism with anomalously for red, green and Deuteronomy for trigonometrical for blue.
  • run out of the three: the chromaticism with Deuteronomy for red and blue propitiation for green and blue, and Mauritanian for red and green.
  • lacking in two of the three: the monochromatic, the person sees the world in shades of black and white or with colors very washed out.
Additive color red, green and blue
Additive color red, green and blue.


The first point to check, nothing in the web interface should be based solely on the color: no alert message with a red one for differentiation, for example. It is necessary that information can be understood differently: placement, context, markup, texture, indicators ...
The second point and ensure a good readability in the working color contrasts used. These contrasts play on the intensity of the color and the difference between two colors. The evaluation of the correct dosage may be too subjective, the W3C has proposed an algorithm for each, and some online tools exist to test their choice of colors and contrasts VischeckURL , Color Scheme Generator , Colour Contrast Check or Color vision . It will ensure that the difference in intensity between the relevant elements (texts) and those not relevant (colored background) is obvious.
Avoid finally combine bright colors bright end of the spectrum (red, blue) with dark colors in the middle of the spectrum (yellow, green), because the extremes appear darker than those who have disabilities, which reduces the contrast possible.
The visible light spectrum
The visible light spectrum.
We therefore seek to combine bright colors in the middle of the spectrum with the dark colors of the extremities.

Google favors accessibility

Google has launched its laboratories in a version of its search engine "accessible", that is to say simply understood by blind and visually impaired users. It focuses in particular the results pages that are easily understood by users with disabilities.
google accessibility
Much of the Internet has nothing to do with accessibility, but the developers of web sites must bear in mind that some of their potential visitors may have a disability that makes browsing the web difficult. At the forefront of these physical disabilities, there are vision problems that require some people to navigate with a tablet Braille, special browsers or devices responsible for content written transcribe oral Web.
To make it easier for visually impaired people, Google has launched a test version of its search engine focused on accessibility. It includes the accessibility of Web pages to the criteria used to rank the results returned in a query and favors sites that can be viewed using special devices for the visually impaired. To do this, the engine analyzes the composition of pages, content prioritization, the presence of alternative tag and complexity of the layout to determine the level of accessibility.
Recognized as the pages are really accessible then valued in the result pages, to the detriment of those who do not follow some basic rules or have contained too rich to be operated by a visually impaired person.

What navigation menu for your website?

Six types of navigation menus were tested with 706 users who had to perform a task. The study was presented at the Montreal meeting of the UPA, Usability Professionals Association. Here are the advantages of each of them:
Yahoo style menu. All links are available directly in the menu.
Menu with rollover (rollover). Beneath the mouse-over, the menu changes visually, and a short description of its usefulness is displayed.
Flash menu. At the time of a click, the menu opens sub menus.
Menu to open and close. After clicking, the menu opens and displays the sub menus. You can open as many menus first degree desired.
Menu (top to bottom). On mouse-over the menu the sub menu place down.
navigation menu
On mouse-over, menu sub menu place down.
Side menu, from left to right. Idem, but horizontal.
The winner in this test battery is ... the drop down menu: it allows to find the desired information quickly and requires much less space on a page.

How to change rewrite links?


I suggest you see the implementation in two stages: a first approach, we will see how each mechanism and then we discuss the comprehensive approach.
The reason for this separation is that we have control over the links contained within our own site, which means that we can change without the end user's knowledge. This allows us to gradually eliminate broken links.
However, the links outside our site are out of our reach. So we need to tell visitors that use this type of link it is recommended to update their favorites.

External links 

This is done using a code HTTP/1.1: when a visitor uses an address we know bad, we need to use the code 301 ("moved permanently"). Then we show the visitor location of the correct address.
Redirection from an incorrect address
 <?php header ( ' HTTP/1.1   301   Moved   Permanently ' ) ; header ( ' Location:   nouvelle-adresse.ext ' ) ; exit ; //   Il   ne   faut   rien   envoyer   d'autre ?> 
In practice, we must first find (restore) the source address rewriting and use our links to redirect to the correct address.
The first phase (recovery) is carried out using the. Htaccess file: we substitute the wrong address by a redirection script which we indicate the standard address (physical name of the script + parameters). In this way, it is sufficient to redirect script to rewrite this address according to the rewriting rules we defined in the previous tutorial.
File:. Htaccess
 DirectoryIndex index.php Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on #Restauration des URLs de base RewriteRule ^ftopic([0-9]+).* /phpbb-test/redirect.php?url=viewtopic.php?t=$1 [L] RewriteRule ^forum([0-9]+).* /phpbb-test/redirect.php?url=viewforum.php?f=$1 [L] #Réécriture normale RewriteRule ^sujet-([0-9]+).* /phpbb-test/viewtopic.php?t=$1 [L] RewriteRule ^forum-([0-9]+).* /phpbb-test/viewforum.php?f=$1 [L] 
We find in this file. Htaccess three types of URLs that we saw earlier in the Problem: URLs basic (viewtopic.php? T = $ 1), intermediate (ftopic [0-9] +. *) and final (subject-[0-9] +. *).
File: redirect.php
 <?php define ( ' IN_PHPBB ' , true ) ; $ phpbb_root_path = ' ./ ' ; include ( $ phpbb_root_path . ' ' ) ; include ( $ phpbb_root_path . ' common. ' . $ phpEx ) ; if ( ! empty ( $ userdata [ ' user_lang ' ] )) { $ current_language = $ userdata [ ' user_lang ' ] ; } else { $ current_language = $ board_config [ ' default_lang ' ] ; } include ( $ phpbb_root_path . ' /language/lang_ ' . $ current_language . ' /lang_urlrewrite. ' . $ phpEx ) ; if ( is_array ( $ lang [ ' urlrewrite ' ] )) { require_once ( $ phpbb_root_path . ' includes/functions_urlrewrite. ' . $ phpEx ) ; $ new_url = rewrite_url( urldecode ( $ _GET [ ' url ' ] ) , $ lang [ ' urlrewrite ' ] ) ; header ( ' HTTP/1.1   301   Moved   Permanently ' ) ; header ( ' Location:   ' . $ new_url [ ' url ' ] ) ; exit ; } ?> 
The call to urldecode () is required by the scripts using several parameters (they are legion) and a constraint imposed by our. Htaccess, in which we simulated a call to urlencode ().
Why urldecode () is necessary:
  • / Phpbb-test/redirection.php? Url = viewtopic.php? T = 1 & start = 25 ==> there is confusion for the parameter "start" here can be sent to the script "redirection.php" (it is not what we want)
  • / Phpbb-test/redirection.php? Url = viewtopic.php? T = 1 & start = 25 ==> "start" is not yet included as a parameter but as part of the parameter "url" (c ' is what we want)
If our website has undergone several rewrites successive ties, just complete the "Restoring URLs basic" our. Htaccess file!
File:. Htaccess
 DirectoryIndex index.php Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on #Restauration des URLs de base RewriteRule ^ftopic([0-9]+).* /phpbb-test/redirect.php?url=viewtopic.php?t=$1 [L] RewriteRule ^forum([0-9]+).* /phpbb-test/redirect.php?url=viewforum.php?f=$1 [L] RewriteRule ^viewtopic.php?t=([0-9]+) /phpbb-test/redirect.php?url=viewtopic.php?t=$1 [L] RewriteRule ^viewforum.php?f=([0-9]+) /phpbb-test/redirect.php?url=viewforum.php?f=$1 [L] #Réécriture normale RewriteRule ^sujet-([0-9]+).* /phpbb-test/viewtopic.php?t=$1 [L] RewriteRule ^forum-([0-9]+).* /phpbb-test/viewforum.php?f=$1 [L] 

Internal links

If we look at one of the language files from the other tutorial, we note the presence of keys to the array $ lang ['urlrewrite'] ['regexes']. We will use the same keys in our current table in order to match URLs without problem.
To restore the URLs, we need to address the "raw" in a separate table that we call $ raw_urls. We will use another table, $ rewritten_urls to contain different versions of each address rewritten: Index "old" addresses used built with older versions of rewriting links on our site. Each of the other indexes is a language installed in our forum phpBB: users could post addresses all these different languages, we must standardize the presentation.
In all these tables, we use the keys we noticed above.
$ & $ Raw_urls rewritten_urls
 <?php $ raw_urls = array ( ' viewtopic_topicid_title ' = > ' viewtopic.php?t=$1 ' , ' viewforum_id_title ' = > ' viewforum.php?f=$1 ' , //   ... ) ; $ rewritten_urls [ ' old ' ] = array ( ' viewtopic_topicid_title ' = > array ( ' ftopic([0-9]+) ' ) , ' viewforum_id_name ' = > array ( ' forum([0-9]+) ' ) , //   ... ) ; //   ... if ( $ directory = dir ( $ phpbb_root_path . ' language ' )) { while ( $ entry = $directory ->read ()) { if ( is_file ( $ phpbb_root_path . ' language/ ' . $ entry . ' /lang_urlrewrite. ' . $ phpEx )) { include ( $ phpbb_root_path . ' language/ ' . $ entry . ' /lang_urlrewrite. ' . $ phpEx ) ; $ rewritten_urls [ basename ( $ entry ) ] = $ lang [ ' urlrewrite ' ] [ ' regexes ' ] ; } } } ?> 
Now we need to restore the default URLs for phpBB.
I chose to begin by restoring the default URLs and then leave it to rewrite our method to load the rest of the operations in the same way she used to.
A semantic point: in this case, "restore" means find a default URL for phpBB from a rewritten URL, while "rewrite" means to change the default URL in a rewritten URL. Both terms can be used in both situations, that is why I prefer to be clear.
To retrieve the URL of the page, I modified the code used in includes / page_tail.php:
Recovery of URLs to restore then rewrite (file: includes / page_tail.php)
 require_once ( ' functions_urlrewrite. ' . $ phpEx ) ; // //   Find   all   the   links   in   the   page //   There   are   4   parenthesized   parts   in   these   regular   expressions: //       #1:   there   might   be   an   option   like   class="..." //       #2:   full   path   to   the   target   Web   page //       #3:   #1   bis //       #4:   text   of   the   link   (optional) // $ regexes = array ( ' a ' = > ' #<a(.+)href="([^"]+)"([^>]*)>(.*)</a>#Usi ' , ' form ' = > ' #<form(.+)action="([^"]+)"([^>]*)>#Usi ' , ' link   rel ' = > ' #<link   rel(.+)href="([^"]+)"([^>]*)>#Usi ' ) ; foreach ( $ regexes as $ link_type = > $ pattern ) { $ matches = array () ; if ( $ link_type = = ' a ' ) { //   Restore   only   anchor-type   links if ( preg_match_all ( $ pattern , $ contents , $ matches , PREG_SET_ORDER)) { $ contents = restore_urls( $ contents , $ matches ) ; } } $ matches = array () ; if ( preg_match_all ( $ pattern , $ contents , $ matches , PREG_SET_ORDER)) { $ contents = rewrite_urls( $ contents , $ matches , $ link_type ) ; } } 

Restore_urls now study the function ().
The principle is similar to the function rewrite_urls (): start by listing all the rewrite URLs and then all of a sudden deal with the function str_replace ().
Restore_urls function () in the file includes / functions_urlrewrite.php
 /* *   Restore   URLs   to   their   original   (not   rewrited)   state *   it   builds   a   string   suitable   for   URLs *   @param         string           $string           The   string   to   rewrite *   @global       array             $lang               The   language   variables *   @return       string                                   The   rewritten   string */ function restore_urls( $ contents , $ matches ) { global $ raw_urls , $ rewritten_urls ; $ patterns = array () ; //   The   link   patterns   will   be   added   to   this   array $ replacements = array () ; //   The   link   replacements   will   be   added   to   this   array foreach ( $ matches as $ match ) { $ current_url = trim ( $ match [ 2 ] ) ; if ( in_array ( $ current_url , $ patterns )) { continue ; //   Skip   this   match } foreach ( $ rewritten_urls as $ pool ) { // //   Old   and   new   rewriting   (handled   as   a   pool   of   URLs) // foreach ( $ pool as $ key = > $ regexes ) { // //   Each   rewrited   URL   in   this   URL   pool   (usually:   one) //   These   URLs   should   be   available   in   a   generic   form //   using   a   regular   expression   syntax   (without   delimiters) // foreach ( $ regexes as $ key = > $ regex ) { $ regex = ' / ' . $ regex . ' / ' ; if ( preg_match ( $ regex , $ current_url )) { $ changed_url = preg_replace ( $ regex , $ raw_urls [ $ key ] , $ current_url ) ; $ patterns [ ] = ' href=" ' . $ current_url . ' " ' ; $ replacements [ ] = ' href=" ' . $ changed_url . ' " ' ; break 2 ; } } } } } return str_replace ( $ patterns , $ replacements , $ contents ) ; } 

PTC - Paid To Click (pay to click)

Paid To ClickBy dint of seeing topics on PTC, including warrock- recently, I decided to tell me a bit and I think that it might be of interest some of you.

PTC - What is it?
PTC stands for "Paid To Click" or pay to click . PTC sites will therefore, as their name suggests, offer you click on links to earn money. Warning, do not believe already rich, honest PTC site will not pay you more than $ 0.01 per click in general.
How PTC sites work?
Simply put, companies / individuals want you to visit their website and will therefore seek ways to reach you. PTC sites offer these individuals / companies to pay for them to appear on their site. These seem to be paying a certain time, or the number of click, it depends on the PTC site, but this is not really what interests us other users.
But then, what are the arguments of a PTC site to attract individuals / pubs to appear on their site? Their main argument is you! Plus they will have loyal users on their site and they will expand to convince different companies / individuals. their way to keep active online community and as we have seen, to pay. In fact, we will not visit every day and click on their ads for nothing.
A PTC site has everything to gain by being honest with its users, it is usually the insurance to keep this active community as they need.
Cool! but there is a problem?
Well, anyone can create a site where it's going to pubs and to convince users that they are paid to click. Result, it makes money on ads without having to users. It's cool for them but not for us ... That is why we will be able find pseudo-hundred PTC site on the internet. But do not worry, there are still some who are honest, but they must succeed in finding them.
Incidentally, the system adopted in G1 or PlaySpan is an example of PTC honest, except that pays you in points and not $, even if these points have still a certain $ value.
How to find honest PTC sites?
There is already a way to make a large sorts. Do not test PTC sites randomly found on the net (unless you have some free time, there is nothing to lose in the end), but rather to learn about forums e-Commerce, money online or simply PTC. On these sites, you will be able to see comments or even screenshots showing the reliability of a site. But here, lying and edit sreenshot is within the reach of everyone, while not believe either, all we will say on these forums Cavour. But I suggest you start with already proposed sites on these forums, there are a lot more chance to get on good.
Then, before you want to start in the "click-click-click" ask about the site you have chosen:
- If it brings you more than $ 0.01 per click, there is a good chance it is not honest.
- If he pays you in points and not dollards per click, it feels confused.
- If it does not indicate the minimum amount of "cahs-out", "pay-out" (minimum amount to withdraw money to your paypal account) is not normal.
- Some will even teach you later, you must be a Premium Member to their website in order to withdraw money.
- If the sum of cash-out is above $ 10, it's strange. Because it is a very bad business for them, but also a way not to suffer the bad reviews from some users because they have not reached the amount of "cash-out". So I do not advice.
These few criteria will still allow you to remove some, but there is no way to be sure of the reliability of a site before reaching the sum of cash-out.

For my part, I had already a good test of 30aine PTC site and for those that might be interested, here is a list of PTC that seem the most honest so far. I saw a lot of good reviews and compared to what I've read, it seems "good." But I repeat, there is no evidence that they be honest. I advise you to do so only if you have time and you really want to make you money on a paypal account, because it does not come alone either. Win a 10aine cents on a PTC site a day is not bad.

FYI, all PTC sites offer can transfer the money to a paypal account and by the way, it is possible that some sites may be "down" due to server too busy.
Best PTC I know with the possibility to install a toolbarre aware of the arrival of new pubs. So not worth going express to the site each day, just to have toolbarre. The payout is available from $ 5. Transfers are done 2x per week, then you are constantly paid within 3-4 days. This PTC is 100% reliable.
I've seen good reviews on various sites and blogs. Unfortunately, it only pays within 2 months to believe the info 'on their forum. I am currently waiting for a payment, if after 3 months, I receive nothing, I put it in my future list of "fake ptc."
That good critics and screens made by tens of transfer sites online gambling.
Warning: A connection to the site, there is a box for password and a check for a secondary password. Do not write in "secondary password", if ve can not connect to it. Per usual, I thought it was the password and confirm I wrote 2 times. Suddenly I could not connect.

So, now I'm trying a dozen other sites e PTC, but I preferred to offer than what I found most reliable for now.
If you have time to spend, it may perhaps be of interest.
do not hesitate to ask me if you have problems on these websites.