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Validate your HTML

Many webmasters overlook a very important aspect of the design of a website: the validity of the HTML code.


HTML code consistent
Browsers as well as search engines perform parsing code HTML for your website in order to find relevant content.
Like any language, HTML has its own grammar, vocabulary and syntax, and any document written in HTML should follow these rules.
If your HTML code contains errors, some browsers have difficulty displaying the content of your pages.

Search engines and code

After analyzing more than a billion pages on the Internet, Google notes that many pages contain errors and underlines the importance of code validation.
Poorly formatted HTML code is not always easy to detect. Web browsers will often forgive errors and display the page correctly. However, the robots of search engines may not be as forgiving as web browsers, and an incorrectly programmed or coded can be completely ignored.

The advantages of a valid code

  • Cost reduction
  • Updated Site facilitated
  • Coherence graph on the entire site
  • Pages readable regardless of the browser used
  • Referencing more efficient engines

Check the validity of the code on your pages

The only visual inspection of its web pages in a browser is not enough!
I advise you to use free of validator W3C to check your documents to Web formats HTML and XHTML .
Enter your website address in the field below and click OK to check your code.


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