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Accessibility of a website

An accessible website is accessible to everyone, disabled or not! We meet this challenge by creating websites accessible and compliant.

What is the accessibility of a website?

Web Accessibility
A website is available when it is possible for anyone to access equivalently, regardless of:
  • the browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, ...);
  • interface (using the keyboard or mouse);
  • the access platform (that is to say, the operating system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux ...)
  • display device (a 17-inch flat screen, laptop, tablet ...)
  • "Technical assistance" is used (a screen magnifier, a braille or speech ...)

Improving accessibility

No need to be disabled to become stuck to a site that requires the latest version of the browser or the use of a specific technology.
In Quebec, as elsewhere, some users may, because of their disability, be deprived of part of the contents of a website as, indeed, the entire population aging. But accessibility is not just about disabled visitors, even if it is one of the main reasons to give importance.
An accessible website works best for everyone, disabled or not, and can open its access to more browsers on most substrates.

Benefits of an accessible website

Making a Web site accessible is both a crucial and a challenge
  • capital because it broadens your audience as possible and making the site more usable for everyone (some levels of accessibility are also required by law in a number of countries);
  • a challenge because it requires a thorough design and testing to eliminate possible errors.
Thanks to those efforts as varied as the WAI , accessibility has been incorporated into a large number of W3C standards which ensures their power to adapt quickly to new audiences.

Your site is accessible?

To answer this question, use the free of Ocawa to check the accessibility of your website.
You will get a detailed report accurately all aspects of inaccessibility.


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