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Google favors accessibility

Google has launched its laboratories in a version of its search engine "accessible", that is to say simply understood by blind and visually impaired users. It focuses in particular the results pages that are easily understood by users with disabilities.
google accessibility
Much of the Internet has nothing to do with accessibility, but the developers of web sites must bear in mind that some of their potential visitors may have a disability that makes browsing the web difficult. At the forefront of these physical disabilities, there are vision problems that require some people to navigate with a tablet Braille, special browsers or devices responsible for content written transcribe oral Web.
To make it easier for visually impaired people, Google has launched a test version of its search engine focused on accessibility. It includes the accessibility of Web pages to the criteria used to rank the results returned in a query and favors sites that can be viewed using special devices for the visually impaired. To do this, the engine analyzes the composition of pages, content prioritization, the presence of alternative tag and complexity of the layout to determine the level of accessibility.
Recognized as the pages are really accessible then valued in the result pages, to the detriment of those who do not follow some basic rules or have contained too rich to be operated by a visually impaired person.


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