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Optimization for search engines

We optimize the code on your pages to increase their relevance in search engines and improve their ranking in results.
website optimization
Optimization for search engines is to improve some of the internal and external aspects of the website in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines.
Each search engine has a specific ranking algorithm to present its results. This algorithm takes into account a number of relevant criteria which must be considered when creating a website.
For example, it is good to place keywords in title (top and a font with a large size).
When creating a site, and that the consideration of your pages and keywords that define an optimal, we perform an optimization of the code HTML , the structure of your links, as well as enhancement of the evaluation parameters of the engines.

Basic optimization

Preparation of the names of pages and directories so relevant to the keywords the site. When designing your site the choice of names for the pages is important. The term used to identify the page when it is created to represent the topic of this page to facilitate navigation and increase its ranking in search engines.

Text Enhancement

The text of a page is important for robots that act as a link between this text and the page. Our strategy is to include in your text the main keywords. This is favorable to increase the relevance of pages and thus their positioning. We must remember that what is useful for the user, is also good for the search engine.

Optimization headers

The headers allow search engines and readers to more easily determine the contents of the text body. The main title of the page should underline its importance for a robot search engine. Often this includes the title keyword defines the main theme of the page. Subtitles contain the extent possible secondary keywords, related to main keyword.

Image Optimization

Each image must contain a text alternative that will allow the user to be aware of is that the image if it is not displayed. (This is also the text that will be the default search engines.)


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