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PTC - Paid To Click (pay to click)

Paid To ClickBy dint of seeing topics on PTC, including warrock- recently, I decided to tell me a bit and I think that it might be of interest some of you.

PTC - What is it?
PTC stands for "Paid To Click" or pay to click . PTC sites will therefore, as their name suggests, offer you click on links to earn money. Warning, do not believe already rich, honest PTC site will not pay you more than $ 0.01 per click in general.
How PTC sites work?
Simply put, companies / individuals want you to visit their website and will therefore seek ways to reach you. PTC sites offer these individuals / companies to pay for them to appear on their site. These seem to be paying a certain time, or the number of click, it depends on the PTC site, but this is not really what interests us other users.
But then, what are the arguments of a PTC site to attract individuals / pubs to appear on their site? Their main argument is you! Plus they will have loyal users on their site and they will expand to convince different companies / individuals. their way to keep active online community and as we have seen, to pay. In fact, we will not visit every day and click on their ads for nothing.
A PTC site has everything to gain by being honest with its users, it is usually the insurance to keep this active community as they need.
Cool! but there is a problem?
Well, anyone can create a site where it's going to pubs and to convince users that they are paid to click. Result, it makes money on ads without having to users. It's cool for them but not for us ... That is why we will be able find pseudo-hundred PTC site on the internet. But do not worry, there are still some who are honest, but they must succeed in finding them.
Incidentally, the system adopted in G1 or PlaySpan is an example of PTC honest, except that pays you in points and not $, even if these points have still a certain $ value.
How to find honest PTC sites?
There is already a way to make a large sorts. Do not test PTC sites randomly found on the net (unless you have some free time, there is nothing to lose in the end), but rather to learn about forums e-Commerce, money online or simply PTC. On these sites, you will be able to see comments or even screenshots showing the reliability of a site. But here, lying and edit sreenshot is within the reach of everyone, while not believe either, all we will say on these forums Cavour. But I suggest you start with already proposed sites on these forums, there are a lot more chance to get on good.
Then, before you want to start in the "click-click-click" ask about the site you have chosen:
- If it brings you more than $ 0.01 per click, there is a good chance it is not honest.
- If he pays you in points and not dollards per click, it feels confused.
- If it does not indicate the minimum amount of "cahs-out", "pay-out" (minimum amount to withdraw money to your paypal account) is not normal.
- Some will even teach you later, you must be a Premium Member to their website in order to withdraw money.
- If the sum of cash-out is above $ 10, it's strange. Because it is a very bad business for them, but also a way not to suffer the bad reviews from some users because they have not reached the amount of "cash-out". So I do not advice.
These few criteria will still allow you to remove some, but there is no way to be sure of the reliability of a site before reaching the sum of cash-out.

For my part, I had already a good test of 30aine PTC site and for those that might be interested, here is a list of PTC that seem the most honest so far. I saw a lot of good reviews and compared to what I've read, it seems "good." But I repeat, there is no evidence that they be honest. I advise you to do so only if you have time and you really want to make you money on a paypal account, because it does not come alone either. Win a 10aine cents on a PTC site a day is not bad.

FYI, all PTC sites offer can transfer the money to a paypal account and by the way, it is possible that some sites may be "down" due to server too busy.
Best PTC I know with the possibility to install a toolbarre aware of the arrival of new pubs. So not worth going express to the site each day, just to have toolbarre. The payout is available from $ 5. Transfers are done 2x per week, then you are constantly paid within 3-4 days. This PTC is 100% reliable.
I've seen good reviews on various sites and blogs. Unfortunately, it only pays within 2 months to believe the info 'on their forum. I am currently waiting for a payment, if after 3 months, I receive nothing, I put it in my future list of "fake ptc."
That good critics and screens made by tens of transfer sites online gambling.
Warning: A connection to the site, there is a box for password and a check for a secondary password. Do not write in "secondary password", if ve can not connect to it. Per usual, I thought it was the password and confirm I wrote 2 times. Suddenly I could not connect.

So, now I'm trying a dozen other sites e PTC, but I preferred to offer than what I found most reliable for now.
If you have time to spend, it may perhaps be of interest.
do not hesitate to ask me if you have problems on these websites.


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