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What navigation menu for your website?

Six types of navigation menus were tested with 706 users who had to perform a task. The study was presented at the Montreal meeting of the UPA, Usability Professionals Association. Here are the advantages of each of them:
Yahoo style menu. All links are available directly in the menu.
Menu with rollover (rollover). Beneath the mouse-over, the menu changes visually, and a short description of its usefulness is displayed.
Flash menu. At the time of a click, the menu opens sub menus.
Menu to open and close. After clicking, the menu opens and displays the sub menus. You can open as many menus first degree desired.
Menu (top to bottom). On mouse-over the menu the sub menu place down.
navigation menu
On mouse-over, menu sub menu place down.
Side menu, from left to right. Idem, but horizontal.
The winner in this test battery is ... the drop down menu: it allows to find the desired information quickly and requires much less space on a page.


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