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How Successful Affiliation: internet advertising

online advertising

Advertising on the internet - its different forms

Pay per click? CPM? Two third-party payers? Referralware? What is hiding behind these forms of affiliation ...
Internet advertising is almost entirely together under the term of membership.
In fact, the affiliate is acting on behalf of a affiliator (usually a merchant) directing traffic to the website affiliator. Depending on how affiliate affiliators provides an income for the affiliate proportion of this traffic.
This is usually the affiliator offering a membership plan which specifies the methods of remuneration.
The methods of payment of the insured can take different forms, they are described below.
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Pay per click - the best known

This mode is best known on the internet. It involves setting up ads on your site, usually in the form of banners. This is normally free and the affiliate is paid (between 0.01-0.5 €, 0.1 € often) when a visitor clicks on the banner. The affiliator provides codes (banners address, destination url). The affiliate places its site or emails as it sees fit.
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Pay per lead or form

This type of payment is sent when the visitor gets to see a catalog of products or enrolled in a newsletter. In fact, the contact (lead) is said to be called when the visitor provides contact information, email generally. The affiliator there is interested because he can then communicate it offers, promotions. It builds a database of potential customers. In general, this results in a higher payment (€ 0.2-0.5).
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Pay per CPM (Cost Per Mille)

The affiliator pays you every time the banner is displayed! In fact, prices are based per thousand views, were talking about CPM (cost per thousand). Prices range widely from 0.1 to 100 $! This method is not available to everyone. And it will usually affiliate of the implement. Some services offer automatic exchanges rotating banner, but those who just pay $ 0.1.
It is a system that is aimed at sites already highly developed with good quality traffic.
To submit a CPM interesting enough, it will have a highly targeted traffic. Since it is the affiliate who set the price, the more you ask a CPM, the more the advertiser or affiliating show difficult, and we must be able to prove the quality of targeting.
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Pay per sales (sales commission)

Here, you enter an area that gets really interesting. Many sites will offer you receive a commission ranging from 5 to 30% on every purchase made by a visitor that you send.
The best known example is Amazon. By joining Amazon, you can directly nominate a book on your site and create a link on the page corresponding payment in the Amazon catalog. If the visitor buys, it's 15% for you. Incidentally, the Fnac website works on the same principle (but only pays 5%, crumbs!).
The sites offering this type of commission are more numerous, hardware, telephone, rental of ships, this mode is now touching all categories of electronic commerce.
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Two-thirds pay, the ideal solution

Some sites offering systems will last much further. They also pay you a commission (any) income of affiliates who have signed up with you. For affiliate, this is an extremely interesting.
You can even have the chance of a future affiliate, registering with you, or the happy owner of a site with high traffic that will generate more sales than you ... It is a system that wins on length and has no defects. We highly recommend it.
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Matrices and MLM

Attention, get ready to discover another world.
MLM, Multi Level Marketing means. In fact, the system of two-thirds pay is already a MLM system. Unless he stops one generation recruitment.
MLM itself was invented in the 60s. It is based mainly on the ability to recruit resellers (affiliates) who themselves recruit other dealers and so on. In such an organization (matrix), commissions between the different levels are regulated by a diabolical plan almost commissions with the power to make you very rich! "The Sky Is The Limit" as they say.
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Chef's Note WebSioux

Attention, a little warning about MLM ... Yes, MLM is very powerful, sites that offer you this type of activity you speak of are mirobolantes. It gives you the impression that anyone can win these astronomical sums, and very easily. But only a small number of people are coming to get 4 or 5 zeros. Most only earn ridiculous amounts, which have nothing to do with what they had hoped. It takes a lot of work, investment and organization specific property.
You can also visit one of my other articles on this subject, entitled " What about the MLM ? ".
I urge you to opt for commission plans to sell a system with two third party. It is currently the safest way to earn money for all those who have designed a simple personal website without having a product or service to sell.


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