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How Successful Affiliation: affiliation, the principle

Membership is the easiest way to earn money with your website.

This term covers the greater part forms of advertising on the web and consists of different principles that we describe in the following pages.
To become an affiliate and start earning money you will only register in an advertising agency or a commercial site and place links to the site.
Article: principle Affiliate

History Department: History of advertising on the internet

Changing forms of advertising on the internet. A few years ago, the first booms of web sites began to offer advertising space in exchange for remuneration. He then earned money based on the number of times the banner is displayed, or whenever a visitor clicks on it.
But the merchant who seeks to make his pub, these sites were interesting in sites with high traffic. Manually place an ad on a low traffic site is generally a waste of time.
Thus appeared the regulated affiliate advertiser who offered to "manage" his campaign. They were responsible for recruiting pay affiliates, count the number of click or to load and display of payments. With the governed, sites with low traffic could start generating income based on their numbers display. Advertisers them could then enjoy the diversity of exposure that these multitudes of small sites could offer. Authorities knew a great success.
If system is still there, it is now largely stalled. He suffered rejection Internet advertising to its invasive. The number of times a banner is clicked compared to the number of its display (click rate) fell by a factor of 20!
Those earning the number of click have seen their incomes fall, and those who paid the display paying for nothing. Not to mention the possibility of cheating, which increased the controversy the world of internet advertising suffered a huge crisis.
These systems still exist, but they are more difficult to access (filtering affiliates) and expected income will be low if you do not have a huge traffic.
The solution must come from another system:
She has appeared through affiliation with commission on the sale.
Article: principle Affiliate

Affiliation with commission on the sale is by far the most Sioux advertising solution

In this principle, the affiliate receives a percentage (5-50%) of the amount of sales made on the website by affiliating visitors sent by the affiliate.
The good news is that you can earn much more and that the advertiser too! membership by commission on the sale is just as easy to set up and even visitors will find a profit.
HU? how?
Because achieve a good affiliate therefore requires a bit more work at the time of the early pioneers of the web. We must now show a little more tact. It takes time to offer its visitors a better navigation without the embarrassment of pubs both incongruous and send a maximum number of visitors in its affiliating ...
This may seem impossible, but it turns out that this work is far from being unachievable, and is even accessible to all ... And that site will put you on the road. This work finally bear fruit. You can honestly earn your living from affiliate commission per sale. With a site that will not ask more than a few hours per month you can create a comfortable income. I'M SERIOUS!
Article: principle Affiliate

Technically how membership works for sale?

Side of affiliate:
It is always simple. Free registration which provides a series of links to place in your website or newsletter to send to your visitors.
Affiliator site is responsible for sales and accounting of payments. Visitors you send a text link or a banner (supplied or by affiliating) and whenever a purchase is made by one of your visitors you are credited with your commission (from 1 to 200 $ depending on the product). At the end of each month you will receive your payments.
The side affiliator:
Authorities have of course followed suit and now offer merchants to manage their affiliate program for sale. This will insert the merchant codes in its secure payment pages.
Software: any merchant can launch itself its affiliate program through software very similar to those boards but specially designed for them. With the total program control and automation of administrative tasks, while everyone is now able to manage its own affiliate program and, as he sees fit!
Here is a final good trick Sioux!


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