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Some SEO tools

seo tools 

Why use SEO tools? 

Do not think that putting a website online is sufficient for it to work ... No, do more than live, it must be monitored to make technical adjustments to daily moderate to publish what your users. It is not to censor but to avoid chipping: you find the words to justify your actions.
In short, you simply can not allow you to monitor the technical pus all the site's content. Because of your human condition, you do not have the capacity, you need tools to do it properly.


Statistical SEO tools (which I leave you to sort) are a great way to learn about your users, their journey through your site, their habits, the success of each page of your site, etc.. As possible, are mapping your site. Locate the shadows as well as those who have a lot of success, determine the cause of success. They can also let you know which keywords are most useful to bring visitors.
All this allows you to provide solutions to your problems.
For best results, consider also the "refers" to know the origin of your visitors. Consider then the site in question, learn all you can on it, analyze its method of referencing and if it is worth it, please contact to set up a partnership.


Your site to gain awareness. Of course, we've talked about ways to avoid spam links ... Do not try to make your advertising as users of other sites, it would be frowned upon: as suggested above session you earn to contact the webmaster. This will allow you to set up exchange programs and links to benefit from the popularity of the partner site. However, take care not to perform this kind of manipulation with a competitor's site, you will lose both: it is better to find additional sites.
Rather than to promote your site yourself, what does that rarely satisfactory results, it is best to rely on your users: they are more numerous than you, which means they have a potential advertising more important than you alone. It is mainly for this reason that you must ensure your content: a good site, advertising makes itself!
Finally, do not overlook the various advertising solutions. You can appear in programs like AdWords (Google) or to negotiate customized advertising campaigns with some sites (eg what we have on Do not hesitate to set up your own advertising program on your site: used properly, this system can help you to attract visitors and increase SEO.
That said, be careful with advertising. Many users are put off by the banners aggressive too, so you need to be careful not to scare them. When you find the right load measuring advertising / discretion.


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