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Technical SEO: SEO Manual

Technical SEO 

Referencing the manual, what is it?

When the website is completed, it is necessary to submit to search engines and directories so that it is then found by users. To do this, there are currently two methods: manual referencing and automatic referencing.
Automatic referencing is to use software that automates the process by submitting himself your site to search engines and directories. So you enter your information once and the software does the rest. Beneficial in terms of saving time, but illegal for the search engines ... so to avoid!

Referencing the manual: the best option fee!

Performing SEO for your site manually, you ensure that the engines will accept your site faster. In addition, by performing the manual referencing in directories, you make sure to choose the category in which your site is found.
SEO Manual: quality counts more than quantity!
Some will tell you it is good to submit your website to hundreds of thousands of directories to get lots of traffic to your site. The reality is that you will receive traffic mainly Google, and can very directories. But that does not mean that the directories are not important!
Your ranking in Google
Google calculates among other things the number of quality links pointing to your site to determine if your site should be released in the first positions. Having this in mind, you will understand that the manual referencing your site is super important. Even if you do not get a lot of traffic directories, these links will point to your still, which will help your overall positioning!
In conclusion, it is quite advisable to SEO manual, and despite the fact that it takes more time. The effort is very rewarding!


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