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How Successful Affiliation: affiliation optmiser

affiliation revenue 

Maximize revenue from your affiliation

Whatever the amount you reported your affiliation, there is always the possibility of increasing its profits. The technique is to observe the behavior of your visitors to test and observe the results.
If you followed my advice and SEO affiliate, then you have a site with traffic and therefore you are affiliated with a partner. After about a month, you should have a good idea of ​​the performance of your site.
How many visitors? How many clicks on your affiliate links, and how you relate to? If your traffic is sufficient, you may consider this income as stable as your competition does not react. However, be aware that there is always room for optimization. Even if you are already euphoric because your site generates its 2000 Euros per month, consider this optimization phase seriously. It is not uncommon to be able to increase income by 400% using the following methods!
This optimization step is to analyze the behavior of your visitors. This analysis will allow you for example to adjust your content or you reorganize so as to increase the number of visitors that visit your partners.
Article: Optimizing Affiliate

Analyze the behavior of your visitors

This will be done by studying your log files. In case you did not know, log files are files provided by your host that contains all the actions performed by users of your site.

Much more effective than a simple counter, these files allow you to:
  • Adjust the layout of your website to eliminate any problem or defect which can be frustrating for your visitors. To cause them to leak and even never see them again.
  • Modify your content to reflect the desires of your visitors. This will allow you to keep them longer on your site and increase your credibility.
  • Know exactly what advertising effort is profitable and which is unfortunately a waste of time.
  • Which search engines bring you the most visitors. A very important in order to focus your optimization effort to specific requests of these search engines.
  • What is the keyword used to arrive at your site? Are you on top of that keyword, optimize that.
  • What other sites bring you visitors and how much? Who are the partners that you are profitable and which ones are a waste of time or money.
  • How long visitors stay on your site they? 20 seconds or 30 minutes?
    Are they confused by your page and they leave the site quickly?
  • Which pages are most popular? Is this really where you want your visitors linger? Make the necessary changes, or expose to you the most interesting offers.
  • What route visitors follow? Knowing the course, entry, exit can allow you to change your organization in order to maximize the exposure of your offers profitable.
  • What error message do they receive your visitors?
    Make sure they receive more, you may lose them forever.
  • What is the distribution of traffic every day? Have you pics after sending your newsletter? Are you more read the weekend, the week?
Article: Optimizing Affiliate

How to read log files?

If you already have a log file open, you know they like nothing. Compiled a lot of data in a format completely unusable. If you're lucky or you wisely choose your provider, it may be that it provides you a free program to decrypt these log files or better yet it offers a free online consultation form and report graphs.
If this lack of service is a good reason to change provider, you can also find programs (log analysts) that will make you the same services. Be aware that this type of program, the price may be an indication of the number of options available but it is not an indicator of the value that these options are for your personal study.
Here are three good tools: : An interesting statistic tool free and easy to use
AXS : A tracker a little complex at first but very powerful and free (it requires that your hosting is compatible with the PERL language)
Xiti : Internet audience measurement and analysis of traffic Websites
Article: Optimizing Affiliate

Details of vocabulary

Often confused with the number of visitors, a hit is yet very different. The hit counters you probably crossed on some web pages do not count the number of visitors, but the number of files that have been loaded. For example, if your page contains 6 files, when a visitor loads your page, the browser generates seven hits. This is a very poor indicator of the number of visitors.
The confusion is so great that some analysts call logger "hit" the number of visitors! - Remember to check the definitions of services you use.
This is the number of times an HTML page has been downloaded from your website.
A click-through is achieved when you are promoting your site using banners on another site. When you receive a visitor in this way, you receive a click-through.
Unique visitor:
This time, it is indeed the number of visitors. Visitors are identified by their IP address. This is the best method to count the number of visitors. However, the software analyzes also called user transfer because according ISPs (Internet Service Provider), the IP address changes each time you connect to the Internet. It is impossible to tell the difference between a new visitor and a visitor returns. Hence the term transfer user.
Article: Optimizing Affiliate

Chef's Note Websioux

This optimization phase is truly exciting. If your traffic is enough, you can see the results of your changes in the next hour., It is essential to take the time to analyze how your target market perceives your site. You will discover the key to success.
You will experience the nature of the internet, the advantage of flexibility. Learning to change your job and your presentation based on his acceptance, you will develop the skills required for any business on the net. There is no doubt that some of you will seize the opportunity and launch their own product creation. Remember a product on the net can take many forms that do not require physical production. Internet is a world of information that is always seeking more effective. Find out where your personality, you know particular place. Know and adapt to the new international world. It may well be that there is room for everyone.


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